Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cooking, Clutter and Clothes

This week is racing by and I'm actually thankful for that. I was unable to convince the parents to go out to eat Tuesday but I actually spent some girl time with Mom.  Our visits usually consist of her venting about my siblings, discussions about bills, questions about junk mail and phone calls they need me to make for them. We both enjoyed not worrying about anything and just talking.

Progress on Goals

I survived my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. 

Yesterday, I did the pizza mystery shop and the kids were thrilled.

 I've listed 5 items on Ebay and hope to do 5 more today.


I am going to make a trip to get some things for my stockpile. I  have been sorting out my coupons and don't want to spend any more than $10.
Cooking has been so/so, I've been a bit out of it.  Putting some chicken in the crockpot and hope it turns out yummy.

Work on kiddo time....still don't know what to do?

Also will be never ends.

If I have time, I will be on the hunt for some clothes. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

106 for the high....really?!

These past few days have been crazy hot! Looked at weather forecast and today's high will be 106!  I would prefer to stay home today but I have things to do. I have a followup appointment with the doctor today.  I'll be glad when it is over.  Also, taking my parents to run an errand or two.  Hopefully, the kiddos can convince them to go to lunch with us.  I like making it a day out with them every once in a blue :)

This afternoon, I plan on working on my goals for the week. Hoping to make some progress!

Have a good one :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Goals for this week....

Goals for this week

1. List at least 10 items - its a busy week and if I can list some of the fine china I purchased it will be great

2. Get Tuesday over with - have a dr's appt which I'm dreading because plain and simple- I hate going to the doctor

3. Do mystery shop on Wednesday - have a pizza mystery shop so should be easy...I will not flake out.

4. Get some clothes for the trip...we've been bargain shopping and have done pretty well.  Found kiddo2 some tees on clearance at the mall - paid $11 for 3 tees.  Also found some cute sandals for $15.

5.  Cook every night this week...there is plenty here at home and looking forward to using what we have.

6. Enjoy kiddo time....don't want the kiddos to get lost in the shuffle of my to do list!

7. Replenish stockpiles....they are dwindling and I have to stock up on personal care items.  I refuse to pay full price!

8. Declutter!

I think that should do it....I just want to have some kind of plan for this week.  Ya'll have a good one!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a quick trip to the ER...

So day before yesterday, I woke up with my face feeling fizzy and my arm hurting. Fast forward to yesterday and still not feeling well. Made an appt for today but by 330pm yesterday, I felt really off and had Mr. Man take me to the ER. After an EKG, blood tests, and chest X-ray, I was given the all clear. Doc thinks it is most likely muscle strain if not my neck. Even though I am not thrilled about getting the ER bill, I think my piece of mind is worth that and much more. It absolutely crushed me to leave the kiddos with family when I left. I rarely go to the doc because thankfully I'm okay most of the time but yesterday really freaked me out. An emergency fund is so important in times like these and well ours is pretty much nonexistent but I can't even complain about that. I'm just glad the doc said I was okay. 

On a funny note, after I came home Kiddo1 pointed out that it was a no spend day because we had lunch at Grandma's house and dinner was bought by my sister who with the help of her daughter watched and fed my kiddos :)  Plus my Mom came over and did my mountain of dishes.  I was so embarrassed but grateful for all their them to bits!

Monday, June 18, 2012

You won't know unless you ask!

Yay....I am so excited.  I have an appointment this afternoon to pick up three sets of fine china.  I initially saw them for sale with a bunch of other items.  I only wanted the dish sets and thankfully after a week or two of back and forth they agreed on my offer.  Its over a 100 pcs total for $50.  I am so psyched because my plans are to list them on Ebay. I have been on the hunt for inventory and this could really help!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

A big Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!

Wrote my father a little something :)

To my Dad,

You have always been there for me, whether it was picking me up from school, driving us all over the place for vacations, helping me pick out my prom dress (albeit against your will because Mom was out of or driving me up to college.  You always have stood quietly on the sidelines cheering us on and never take any of the spotlight. You are strong, giving and kind. You are a true gentleman and I'm so blessed to have you!


Friday, June 15, 2012

My Purse Search is Over :)

So, I had mentioned in my last post that I was on the hunt for a new bag.  Initially, I only wanted to pay no more than $30 for a brand new bag.  That's a big splurge for me.  I had been looking at every store possible.  I wanted something easy to maintain and roomy but not huge.  I looked in department stores, discount stores and everywhere in between.  I did this while searching for clothes for our sense wasting a trip.  Well, today on my way home I decided to pop into a thrift store near my Mom's house and there hanging on the huge wall of handbags was a like new Tignanello handbag. I couldn't find any signs of it being used besides the absence of a price tag.  It was simple, black, cute and roomy.  I couldn't believe it.  I had just seen a Tignanello handbag at the dept. store yesterday for $150.  The bags were comparable in size but different design.  Either way I new this bag was made well and I would use it everyday.  It was marked at a whopping $9.59....can I say SOLD!  So happy my persistence paid off :)  I'll try to get a good pic up tomorrow morning.  And as a cherry on top I'm hoping to list my old bag on Ebay for $9.99 ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012's what's for breakfast!

Last night, Mr. Man suggested going to dinner with the kiddos.  Its a rare occasion that Mr. Man wants to eat out on a weeknight but he had been craving pizza.  We decided to go and of course the kids were happy to eat out.  It's becoming a few and far between treat :)  We brought home the leftovers and I decided to have a slice for breakfast.  Not the healthiest choice, but to my credit I only had one slice. I didn't want to go run errands with kids and be hungry. 

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I added a savings ticker over here----> It was originally for Christmas but I decided to switch it to Back to School since we are always hit with school shirts, school supplies and club expenses. Let me not forget, school pictures (one set taken within the first month of school) and school fundraisers (again first month of school). 

Today, I'm on the hunt for trip items. Kiddos and I are in desperate need of some shoes.  And I need a purse.  Its just a sad sad heap.  I'm being super picky about a bag because I don't want to pay much but still want a quality item.  I have no doubt I will find something. We prepaid a hotel night at a kid themed resort.  Breakfast the next morning is included as well.  We had planned to head to my inlaws after our one night stay but they have decided to meet up with us in Orlando for a couple of days. We are moving to a different hotel and the inlaws told us not to worry about it, they would cover it.  So nice of them :) For the second half of the week we will be staying at their home.  They have a pool so the kids will definitely have something to do.  I am so excited!

Well, I better get crackin' and get dressed!  Happy Saving :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leftover Quiche...eating out...decluttering

I made the leftover quiche yesterday and it turned out pretty good for my first attempt.  Mr. Man wasn't so jazzed about the crust so I may make it crustless next time. I enjoyed it and am heating a slice up for lunch.

As the summer goes on...I'm trying to keep busy and resist the temptation of eating out with the kids.  Up until now we have eaten a couple of times at in and out type places and kept it under $15 for all three of us. Its just hard when we are out running errands and the kiddos start getting hungry.  We will see how we fare this week.

I'm listing today and hope to make a few sales by days end.  I'm also putting boxes of stuff together.  I think I'm going to have a garage sale this Friday.  I can make a few bucks for our trip and get rid of some clutter.

On the debt front, aside from medical bills, all  has been quiet. We are making progress and I'm glad to see that we have eliminated almost $4000 of debt since the beginning of this year. 

Mr. Man has been down in the dumps a bit.  I think he really is getting burnt out at work so our trip next month will be a welcomed getaway for him.  Seeing his parents will give him a much needed recharge :)

I'm off to get things done...have a good one!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday...time to get it into overdrive!

Happy Monday!  Up and ready to run errands.  Waiting on Kiddo2 to get dressed. I currently hear singing in the shower so it could be a while ;)  

This week I'm kicking it into overdrive!  Payday has come and gone and thankfully the bulk of the bills are PAID.  We have a few stragglers that I will need to find a way to pay. Ebay has been going well this month.  I added a nifty new page tab up top to track all the extra income coming in. I will be listing anything and everything this week! 

There is only a few weeks left till we go visit my inlaws and we still need quite a few things.  Luckily, I had kiddos look in their closets and take inventory of what they could use for the trip.  Kiddo1 had given me a laundry list of items beforehand.  We managed to cut the list in half.  Kiddo2 was easy since we found 2 brand new shirts in the closet.  I had bought one on clearance for $1.75 and the other was free (used a gc my parents had given us since they hardly shop at that particular store).  Coupled with two shirts we had purchased ($10 for both).  I'm thinking of going to the thrift store to see if we can find a few pairs of shorts for both. Clothes for Mr. Man and I will be a bit more challenging but I'm gathering as many coupons as possible to help.

We did some food shopping this week.  We bought and separated all the meat we needed for the next couple of weeks.  I'm trying to keep our dinners interesting. I'm going to try a leftover quiche today and see how that works.  I was inspired by Life After Money and Frugal Queen.  I love their food pics and recipes.  At the risk of sounding corny, their views on life and money have really changed my family's life. 

Got to skedaddle! Hope everyone has a great week :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fridays...talking house, money and chocolate cake

As always, I am thrilled it is Friday :)  In the process of creating Mr. Man's honey do list.  I told him yesterday that we need to start being more "house proud".  For the past few years we have always seen our house as a temporary home but with rising housing costs and our desire to travel more with the kiddos we have come to realize that giving the kiddos more life experiences versus a new home is more beneficial to them.  Our house is perfectly fine, albeit a few repairs/refinishing that it needs. This summer, Mr. Man mentioned being able to tackle at least one item on the list every weekend.  He is going to be a very busy man ;)  

Anywho...this week we were determined to get by.  We started out the week with little money and a need to grocery shop. Thankfully, my ebay sales were good and I also finally got around to selling some scrap gold. They were items I didn't intend on ever wearing again or needed repair. Nice bit of change :) I was able to grocery shop, buy some things we needed for our trip next month and gas.

Tomorrow I will be doing my big trip to the grocery store.  I am going to stock up on meat and fruit/veggies. I'm also going to go through my coupons so I can continue stocking our pantry.  The pic below is my first homemade chocolate cake.  It came out okay...I don't think I'll ever make it again.  Going to try a vanilla cake recipe this weekend.  Hopefully with better results!

Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last day of cable....

Today is the day.  Our last day of cable...I will miss knowing its there but don't watch it enough to care :P  Internet person comes today so I have to clean up!  Ugh.  Will be doing some more listing/decluttering.  I have a huge mound of school papers to get through. Wish I could keep every scribble and drawing but at this rate I'll need another room in a few years just to store them! I hope to finally make a chocolate cake today.  It will be my first "from scratch" cake!  I hope its yummy :) 
Hope everyone has a good one!

Update:  Just realized there will be no one coming to connect Internet service.  Its DIY.  Guess its on the Honey Do list.  Well, at least I cleaned up my desk and kitchen.  And all before 10am! 

Friday, June 1, 2012


I so love Fridays!  Mr. Man says everyday is my Friday which is so not true.  He thinks that because I stay at home but he forgets how much there is to do in the course of a day.  So today's schedule looks like this:

  • Do Laundry all day (load/unload as I come and go)
  • Go to Kiddo2's school to pick up paperwork
  • Take Kiddos to the park - they need some sun :)
  • Mail Ebay packages
  • Figure out lunch!
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Sort through closets (thinking about putting up a yard sale tomorrow)
  • Wash dishes (I have a dishwasher but don't like using it)
  • Make dinner
Hoping and praying its a No Spend Day but with the kiddos nothing is ever guaranteed :D  I think I can get through the entire list today.  Maybe even add a walk by the bay later this evening. We will see!  What is your Friday looking like?