Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last day of cable....

Today is the day.  Our last day of cable...I will miss knowing its there but don't watch it enough to care :P  Internet person comes today so I have to clean up!  Ugh.  Will be doing some more listing/decluttering.  I have a huge mound of school papers to get through. Wish I could keep every scribble and drawing but at this rate I'll need another room in a few years just to store them! I hope to finally make a chocolate cake today.  It will be my first "from scratch" cake!  I hope its yummy :) 
Hope everyone has a good one!

Update:  Just realized there will be no one coming to connect Internet service.  Its DIY.  Guess its on the Honey Do list.  Well, at least I cleaned up my desk and kitchen.  And all before 10am! 

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