Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!  Yesterday went well.  Mr. Man and Kiddo2 did everything they planned and then some.  Mr. Man came home and barbecued some chicken and sausage.  My contribution was GF cornbread (mix from the box)  The parents came over for a bit.  They have been helping Mr. Man all week.  My parents are in their mid 70s and 80s.  They have more energy than their grandchildren!  I love them to bits and am so thankful for them :)  They took some food to go as they were off to see my sis down the way.

Today, I spent picking up a bit with the help of Kiddo2's toy grabber claw thingy.  It helps me reach all things high and low.  LOL. I listed a few items and went to a couple thrift stores to look for a few sweaters for Kiddo1. I'm going to go and look up my debt totals and hopefully update them. 

The parting pic is Kiddo2's Halloween drawing :)

Hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR week!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mr. Man, kiddos and a breakfast taco!

Yay for Saturdays!  Thursday and Friday were hectic.  Both kiddos stayed home sick Thursday and yesterday. Kiddo1 was still a bit under the weather in the am.  Mr. Man was sooo tired and gave me a good laugh when he said "I'm tired of bending over to pick things up!"  I said "Well, they don't magically pick themselves up."  I'm grateful for both his help but glad he is getting to see all that I do. The kids are feeling good today. Mr. Man took Kiddo2 out for the day :)  Kiddo1 had a sleepover a couple weekends ago and Kiddo2 was pretty bored so we decided today would be a special day of fun.  Mr. Man and Kiddo2 left for breakfast, then Best Buy (Kiddo2 had wallet and coupon in hand), maybe a swing by the arcade (another coupon in hand for a free go kart ride) and who knows what else :) 
Kiddo1 and I are getting dressed.  I'm still sore but am getting a little stir crazy all cooped up.  We are going to venture out for a breakfast taco.  Haven't had one in a few weeks and have been craving one. A cool front came into town so the temperature is currently 55 degrees.  LOVE IT!!! The rest of the day will be spent organizing coupons and Kiddo2 moving things for me in the closet. I will also be updating debt totals and money made totals. 

Hoping everyone has a great weekend :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hospitals, pain and debt

Had my day surgery yesterday.  I'm glad it's over but didn't realize how incredibly painful it would be. Mr. Man has been running around like a madman, helping me and watching the kiddos.  I am hoping I am back to normal soon.

I am going to use my downtime to clip coupons and rest a lot. Lol.

Hoping I can update my debt totals next week!  Have a great week :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mums, filing and a cold

So Kiddo2 and I are home sick today :(  Kiddo2 has a fall festival this evening at school and has stayed in bed all day in order to get better.  It seems to be working.  I on the other hand am a coughing and sneezing mess. This is the last thing I need before my surgery next week.  I am trying my hardest to rest up and "get better".  We will see.  In the meantime, I am filing all my Explanation of Benefits - how I love how medical insurance companies work (insert HEAVY sarcasm).  I guess it is a twist of "good" fortune, my surgery will be 90% paid by insurance. I guess it all balances out, since we pay for Kiddo2's therapy out of pocket at the tune of $480 per month.  The irony of it all. 

Mr. Man has been working like a madman.  It is helping out tremendously and we hope to be rid of at least one credit card bill by years end. 

Aside from that I sent Kiddo1 off to school and here is a pic of a couple of mums I made for friends. 
If I had paid for these at a shop it would have cost be at least $25 to $30.  My cost about $8-10. I may consider making these next year to sell but we will see. The larger ones go from about $50 on up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Preparing for Day Surgery :/

Yesterday I went to preregister at the hospital.  Today, I'm going back to do some labwork...oh joy.  I think I've caught a cold because I cannot stop sneezing, am congested and just feel out of it.  I feel the anxiety creeping on. Hoping to shake it off by working on some Homecoming mums, artificial mums decorated with ribbons, bells and trinkets worn the day of the school's football homecoming game. Making some for Kiddo1 and Kiddo1's friends.

This weekend will be spent cleaning up the house and hopefully a big day of cooking Sunday.  I want to make a few nights meals in advance since hubby will be running around taking/picking up kiddos from school and generally be on mom duty for a few days. 

On the money front, my mind has not been focused. I'm hoping I can take advantage of my downtime to think and hopefully gather my thoughts on how to improve on paying down our debt. We are making slow headway but we would like to move things along more quickly.  We will see how that goes. 

Well, I'm off to the hospital but I may come back to post a pic or two of my completed mums :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My house has been invaded....

Invaded by teens!  Kiddo1 had a sleepover and its been crazy since Friday.  I was stressing since Kiddo1 asked if it could be a two night sleepover versus one night.  Considering there are hardly kids ever over I said sure.  Then I panicked because I thought "How am I going to feed these kids?"  I had a one night plan but two nights was not in the cards.  They were having an anime conference so Mr. Man was going to take them Friday night which gave me some time to prepare.  Friday night I made a late night dinner of Tortellini with Meat Sauce, salad and garlic bread.  I also pulled out some cookie dough that I had purchased recently from a school fundraiser.  Kids happily ate.  Saturday morning, I knew I would be tired so I planned on a cereal buffet bar - easy and no stress!

Yesterday, Mr. Man took them to the convention bright and early! He bought them some fast food outside the convention center to save $$.  Then in the evening, we did 3 $5 pizzas.  Again easy and cheap.  This morning, I said what can I feed them...I could have gone the cereal route again but wanted their stay to feel a little special.  So I made french toast.  They loved it and ate every last bite and then some.  Mr. Man is taking them out to the convention again (last day) and for lunch I probably will defrost some meat and make some burgers and fries for them. By dinner all kiddos will be back to their respective homes and we will probably just have leftovers.  I am so extremely tired but I love seeing my kiddo so very happy. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Week Ahead...

Preparing for the week ahead.  I dread Mondays!  This week should be interesting.  One of the kiddos is taking a swimming course through school this week and well I'm a nervous. wreck.  I plan on being at the pool everyday just to keep an eye on the kiddo. I also have scheduled my surgery for later this month.  I've dropped a total of 8 pounds in the last 10 days.  I anticipate another 5-10 before surgery.  I have been watching what I eat as to not bring on a gall bladder attack and "knock wood" its been working so far.  I've cooked at home 9 out of 10 days. I'm shooting for 13 days out of the next 15. The kiddos are eating foods they wouldn't have even looked at before. I am following FRUGAL QUEEN'S lead and taking stock of my fridge and cabinets to see what I can use and minimize my shopping list. 

The weather is FINALLY cooling down here.  Tonight we are in the 60's which is sooo nice!  I love the cool weather :)  This past Saturday I went to a couple of garage sales.  I was so happy I did. I found two brand new in the box TV antennas for $7.50.  I set one up in Kiddo2's room.  By Kiddo2's reaction you would have thought K2 won the lottery!  It was only a few months ago that we had more channels than we knew what to do with.  Funny how it has worked out for the best.  I also found a Dallas Cowboys sheet set and comforter for $6 :)  Put it through the wash and once out it quickly made its way to its new home!

I also found a few other items for Ebay and already have turned a nice profit! I drive by the mall and lately have had no desire to go in. I keep thinking I can spend that money much more wisely and am really trying to. 

Wishing everyone a great week !

Monday, October 1, 2012

I REALLY want a cheeseburger!

Cheeseburger Bed

So, I saw my doctor on Friday and he's referred me to a specialist this week.  Hopefully we can schedule something soon....very soon! I am too afraid to eat anything besides fruit, saltines and ramen noodles.  I am so hungry especially for a juicy cheeseburger with bacon and cheese.  Its sad but true!  But I don't dare get near anything greasy, fatty or remotely not gall bladder friendly.  The pain is so terrible that I even passed up a pint of cookies and cream ice cream.  And I can't ever remember passing up ice cream :D  I feel like one of those lab mice who get shocked when they do something they are not suppose to. 

I have been trying to keep busy by listing but I am lacking motivation since my mind is elsewhere.  But I have already one sale under my belt for this month.  We will see how it goes. My total for last month was about $530, I am absolutely thrilled by that.  Hopefully the buyers are still out there this month. 

Hoping everyone's week has started well! Off to crunch some numbers :)