Sunday, October 14, 2012

My house has been invaded....

Invaded by teens!  Kiddo1 had a sleepover and its been crazy since Friday.  I was stressing since Kiddo1 asked if it could be a two night sleepover versus one night.  Considering there are hardly kids ever over I said sure.  Then I panicked because I thought "How am I going to feed these kids?"  I had a one night plan but two nights was not in the cards.  They were having an anime conference so Mr. Man was going to take them Friday night which gave me some time to prepare.  Friday night I made a late night dinner of Tortellini with Meat Sauce, salad and garlic bread.  I also pulled out some cookie dough that I had purchased recently from a school fundraiser.  Kids happily ate.  Saturday morning, I knew I would be tired so I planned on a cereal buffet bar - easy and no stress!

Yesterday, Mr. Man took them to the convention bright and early! He bought them some fast food outside the convention center to save $$.  Then in the evening, we did 3 $5 pizzas.  Again easy and cheap.  This morning, I said what can I feed them...I could have gone the cereal route again but wanted their stay to feel a little special.  So I made french toast.  They loved it and ate every last bite and then some.  Mr. Man is taking them out to the convention again (last day) and for lunch I probably will defrost some meat and make some burgers and fries for them. By dinner all kiddos will be back to their respective homes and we will probably just have leftovers.  I am so extremely tired but I love seeing my kiddo so very happy. 

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