Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!  Yesterday went well.  Mr. Man and Kiddo2 did everything they planned and then some.  Mr. Man came home and barbecued some chicken and sausage.  My contribution was GF cornbread (mix from the box)  The parents came over for a bit.  They have been helping Mr. Man all week.  My parents are in their mid 70s and 80s.  They have more energy than their grandchildren!  I love them to bits and am so thankful for them :)  They took some food to go as they were off to see my sis down the way.

Today, I spent picking up a bit with the help of Kiddo2's toy grabber claw thingy.  It helps me reach all things high and low.  LOL. I listed a few items and went to a couple thrift stores to look for a few sweaters for Kiddo1. I'm going to go and look up my debt totals and hopefully update them. 

The parting pic is Kiddo2's Halloween drawing :)

Hope everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR week!

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