Monday, October 1, 2012

I REALLY want a cheeseburger!

Cheeseburger Bed

So, I saw my doctor on Friday and he's referred me to a specialist this week.  Hopefully we can schedule something soon....very soon! I am too afraid to eat anything besides fruit, saltines and ramen noodles.  I am so hungry especially for a juicy cheeseburger with bacon and cheese.  Its sad but true!  But I don't dare get near anything greasy, fatty or remotely not gall bladder friendly.  The pain is so terrible that I even passed up a pint of cookies and cream ice cream.  And I can't ever remember passing up ice cream :D  I feel like one of those lab mice who get shocked when they do something they are not suppose to. 

I have been trying to keep busy by listing but I am lacking motivation since my mind is elsewhere.  But I have already one sale under my belt for this month.  We will see how it goes. My total for last month was about $530, I am absolutely thrilled by that.  Hopefully the buyers are still out there this month. 

Hoping everyone's week has started well! Off to crunch some numbers :)

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