Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leftover Quiche...eating out...decluttering

I made the leftover quiche yesterday and it turned out pretty good for my first attempt.  Mr. Man wasn't so jazzed about the crust so I may make it crustless next time. I enjoyed it and am heating a slice up for lunch.

As the summer goes on...I'm trying to keep busy and resist the temptation of eating out with the kids.  Up until now we have eaten a couple of times at in and out type places and kept it under $15 for all three of us. Its just hard when we are out running errands and the kiddos start getting hungry.  We will see how we fare this week.

I'm listing today and hope to make a few sales by days end.  I'm also putting boxes of stuff together.  I think I'm going to have a garage sale this Friday.  I can make a few bucks for our trip and get rid of some clutter.

On the debt front, aside from medical bills, all  has been quiet. We are making progress and I'm glad to see that we have eliminated almost $4000 of debt since the beginning of this year. 

Mr. Man has been down in the dumps a bit.  I think he really is getting burnt out at work so our trip next month will be a welcomed getaway for him.  Seeing his parents will give him a much needed recharge :)

I'm off to get things done...have a good one!

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Out My window said...

I am also trying to figure out extra money for vacation. But a yard sale is out of the question. Good luck with yours.