Friday, June 8, 2012

Fridays...talking house, money and chocolate cake

As always, I am thrilled it is Friday :)  In the process of creating Mr. Man's honey do list.  I told him yesterday that we need to start being more "house proud".  For the past few years we have always seen our house as a temporary home but with rising housing costs and our desire to travel more with the kiddos we have come to realize that giving the kiddos more life experiences versus a new home is more beneficial to them.  Our house is perfectly fine, albeit a few repairs/refinishing that it needs. This summer, Mr. Man mentioned being able to tackle at least one item on the list every weekend.  He is going to be a very busy man ;)  

Anywho...this week we were determined to get by.  We started out the week with little money and a need to grocery shop. Thankfully, my ebay sales were good and I also finally got around to selling some scrap gold. They were items I didn't intend on ever wearing again or needed repair. Nice bit of change :) I was able to grocery shop, buy some things we needed for our trip next month and gas.

Tomorrow I will be doing my big trip to the grocery store.  I am going to stock up on meat and fruit/veggies. I'm also going to go through my coupons so I can continue stocking our pantry.  The pic below is my first homemade chocolate cake.  It came out okay...I don't think I'll ever make it again.  Going to try a vanilla cake recipe this weekend.  Hopefully with better results!

Have a great weekend :)


Maureen said...

Your cake looks gorgeous, why would'nt you make it again ???

I have also been giving a lot of thought to canceling my cable, but will it feel as if i have cut off my right hand ???

QandADebt said...

Thanks Maureen :) It just had a different texture...a bit too dense. It was the first time I used cake flour and used a recipe that called for it. Just not my cup of tea. As for the cable, it seems we really had to think about it long and hard. Not sure why but we were so attached to having it. One day I noticed the kids and I were all online watching programs and the TV was off. I realized that our actual TV time was maybe an hour a day. It will be a huge savings for us!

Barb said...

Thanks for listing my blog "Cleaning Up the Clutter" in your sidebar! I appreciate it! You're blog is very inspiring. The cake looks delicious!