Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cooking, Clutter and Clothes

This week is racing by and I'm actually thankful for that. I was unable to convince the parents to go out to eat Tuesday but I actually spent some girl time with Mom.  Our visits usually consist of her venting about my siblings, discussions about bills, questions about junk mail and phone calls they need me to make for them. We both enjoyed not worrying about anything and just talking.

Progress on Goals

I survived my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. 

Yesterday, I did the pizza mystery shop and the kids were thrilled.

 I've listed 5 items on Ebay and hope to do 5 more today.


I am going to make a trip to get some things for my stockpile. I  have been sorting out my coupons and don't want to spend any more than $10.
Cooking has been so/so, I've been a bit out of it.  Putting some chicken in the crockpot and hope it turns out yummy.

Work on kiddo time....still don't know what to do?

Also will be never ends.

If I have time, I will be on the hunt for some clothes. 

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