Thursday, June 14, 2012's what's for breakfast!

Last night, Mr. Man suggested going to dinner with the kiddos.  Its a rare occasion that Mr. Man wants to eat out on a weeknight but he had been craving pizza.  We decided to go and of course the kids were happy to eat out.  It's becoming a few and far between treat :)  We brought home the leftovers and I decided to have a slice for breakfast.  Not the healthiest choice, but to my credit I only had one slice. I didn't want to go run errands with kids and be hungry. 

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I added a savings ticker over here----> It was originally for Christmas but I decided to switch it to Back to School since we are always hit with school shirts, school supplies and club expenses. Let me not forget, school pictures (one set taken within the first month of school) and school fundraisers (again first month of school). 

Today, I'm on the hunt for trip items. Kiddos and I are in desperate need of some shoes.  And I need a purse.  Its just a sad sad heap.  I'm being super picky about a bag because I don't want to pay much but still want a quality item.  I have no doubt I will find something. We prepaid a hotel night at a kid themed resort.  Breakfast the next morning is included as well.  We had planned to head to my inlaws after our one night stay but they have decided to meet up with us in Orlando for a couple of days. We are moving to a different hotel and the inlaws told us not to worry about it, they would cover it.  So nice of them :) For the second half of the week we will be staying at their home.  They have a pool so the kids will definitely have something to do.  I am so excited!

Well, I better get crackin' and get dressed!  Happy Saving :)


Out My window said...

You are doing so well at trying to live within your means. You are an inspiration to me.

QandADebt said...

Thanks so much :) I really read each blog on my blog list, yours is one of them! I definitely stumble at times but know that to get where I want to be I have to keep moving forward.