Thursday, February 11, 2016

Busy with Dad, Side Hustles and Ebay!

So grateful to be too me that means that I still have purpose somewhere in this crazy life! Dad has had a few ER visits but thankfully he's doing okay so that is a big plus.

 Side hustle wise, I've turned it up a notch. I have been signing up for surveys for cash online. Made $125 last month on an online focus group I qualified for. I also have done a few mystery shops. Received a check for $36 for a SUPER easy pizza shop.

I also rented a very small booth space in an antique mall. Its about the width of a small bookcase and about 7 feet tall lengthwise. But I was elated to get the space. I have been inquiring every few months for about 2 years. So I was so happy to get my foot in the door. I have been taking items that are not quite right for Ebay but I believe still have value and I don't want to take them to Dad's fleamarket booth (He's overflowing with stuff right now). Its $40 per month and I already have made my booth fee in sales so I'm excited.

On Ebay, I have been listing and listing. I really am trying hard to reclaim my house and I refuse to stow away things in a storage room to be forgotten. So I am listing every chance I get. Sales have been good and I'm trying to increase my Ebay store inventory. I have plenty of stock to list so I'm scaling back on buying because frankly its ridiculous. In the past few months I did have one monster sale (for me that is) of over $2500. It helped out at just the right time.

I'm hoping to catch up on all my favorite blogs this weekend. last Ebay tip for on the lookout for high end perfume bottles. The possibility of finding them is very good considering everyone at one time or another will either buy or receive a nice quality perfume. If the bottle reads Made in France the chance it will sell is greater. They can bring in a pretty penny :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year to everyone. Hoping that 2016 brings only great things to each and every one of you :) I finally have pried myself away from day to day life! I have not posted in AGES! Fireplace is 95% done. Floors are 100% done. Mr. Man has to do some finishing touches around house and paint changes above fireplace.

Here are some before and after shots:

Fireplace Demo!

New Fireplace Installed

Drywall installed

New Tile in Place

Fireplace almost done

Still have to wipe down fireplace and add edging to it but just glad to have my house back for the most part. 

Gotta get back to listing on Ebay but hope to check in more often with more remodeling pics! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trying to REMODEL on a budget!

I feel like I've been away far too long! Things have been hectic for Mr. Man and I.  We are currently remodeling our home.  We had decided to sell it a few months ago and we were house hunting. Everything was on go but then came the realization that all the homes on the market did not meet our needs. We wanted a larger room for Kiddo2 but everything was actually the same size or smaller. And lets not get into how Kiddo1's room was bigger than anything we saw. We came to the conclusion that we would have to try to make it work where we are. Now, our dilemma was....How do we remodel our existing home without breaking the bank.  It would be crazy to put a ridiculous amount of money into a house whose value will never go beyond a certain point.  We priced roofers, chimney guys, floor people and general contractors. It was kind of a hit or miss kind of thing because people basically charge whatever they want. Mr. Man asked coworkers for recommendations and I asked my family. What we saved was amazing! Roofer guy price difference $1300! Flooring installer difference $1650! Our decisions were not made hastily. We shopped around and had several quotes. We wanted to be sure the people we hired were knowledgeable and dependable. Yesterday was the first day of remodeling! Chimney brick/wall was removed. I'm excited for the changes to come :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Budget ideas, tips and advice with teens?

(pic from

I love reading blogs, watching Youtube videos and scouring Pinterest for budget ideas but I never seem to find anything that really relates to me. I love all the helpful hints but if I'm to be honest, not a whole lot is very realistic in my world. I'm not a single parent, empty nester, homeschooler or Mom of preschoolers which seems to be the majority of information I find. I try to piece together what works best for our family but sometimes it would be nice to see a family who has two ravenous teens who eat their weight in food a week! LOL! To be honest, our food budget alone is totally on the opposite spectrum of a family with a baby and a two year old. Let's not mention clothing, school expenses, doctor visits (did I mention Austim is in the mix as well), spending time with friends and impending graduation/college costs. It's a whole lotta cash flying out the door. Teens will not be entertained with peekaboo or toilet roll crafts (okay maybe some of the times!). I can hear my own frustration here! I guess my post is sounding like a rant but there's a sea of Moms who are in the same boat...I'm just not really sure where they are?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Making money and spending money

Summer has ended...the kiddos are back in school...and I've been trying to ramp up my listings on Ebay. Summer sales were rather dismal but I didn't give up.....I listed and listed and listed....I kept hearing other sellers say to stock your store and prepare for sales to ramp up in September. Thankfully August was a huge month for me. I sold about 35 items and made a little over $800! I was very proud of myself. The money came in very handy for school clothes and supply shopping. I'm going to try to keep the momentum going and hopefully save enough in September to pay off one of our credit cards which has a balance of  $433. I've been listing everything under the sun. No item too big or too small. To my surprise, clothes have been a big seller. One item that always surprises me is old glasses and sunglasses. They are always guaranteed to sell so its worth digging around to see if they are worth anything. I will be updating my debt totals tonight so I'm hoping to get back under 150,000 but I'm not sure. Hope y'all have a great week!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Getting back on the Ebay horse....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It's Monday so its a "blah" kind of morning to start but trying to turn it around and make it a YAY kind of day! I'm trying to get back on the Ebay horse as my listings have been dwinding a bit so I really need to ramp up my listing and make some $$$. I have lots of inventory so I'm going to scale back on Dad visits since my sister is off for the summer and pass the torch to her for a while. I find that a bit difficult but letting go for a bit is good for my sanity. LOL!

Summer is expensive because we try to keep on the go and naturally our food costs go up with 3 instead of 1 (sometimes 2 if I'm counting Dad) at home during the day. Add to that, electric/water costs go up and there you have it...summer money is needed. I'm also considering sending Kiddo2 to Math Camp next week. I wish I was the parent who is on top of things and had this all lined up already but I'm not. I should be...but I am not. I'm going to talk to Kiddo2 and get their thoughts on it. 

Something new that I will do with every post is give a tip on Ebaying. Do I consider myself an but after 13 years of Ebaying, I do believe I know a thing or! I'll start with one item to keep an eye out for....camping lanterns. Just about everyone has one in their garage or has a parent/grandparent who has one in theirs so its an easily accessible item.  Some vintage lanterns can bring in hundreds of dollars while the ultra rare types bring in thousands of dollars. If you have one, a quick search of Ebay completed items will help gauge what your item is worth. 

Y'all have a great day :) 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some days.....

So its been FOREVER since I posted! Frankly, I didn't know what to write.  School is over for the kiddos and summer has begun.  We took a trip to Las Vegas for a family wedding. It was FUN but so tiring.

The trip cost us a pretty penny. We did use a bit of credit but paid a big chunk of it the day after we arrived back home. We tried to be pretty cost aware whenever we did anything. We ate breakfast off the strip which saved us a ton of money. We did a lot of free things like visit the Las Vegas sign, take a scenic drive to take pictures near the mountains and watched a few free shows at/around the casinos.  The kids LOVED visiting Circus Circus. Yes, its dated, chaotic and WAY smoky but once they saw the arcade...they were in heaven.  The circus acts every twenty minutes were so fun to watch too. We also really enjoyed our trip to the Wynn casino.  It is absolutely beautiful. Kiddo2 wanted to visit because they had seen it in the Paul Blart 2 movie.  LOL! I was so glad we went because the surroundings were lush, gorgeous and just plain amazing. I would gladly save my pennies to stay there! We stayed at the MGM Resort and Casino.  It was very nice with lots to see and do. We had dinner at the FIAMMA Italian restaurant and it was excellent! The kids loved the Lazy River at the pool. And we all were amazed by the KA by Cirque du Soleil show. It felt like a real vacation!

So now we are back at home...its been hard readjusting back to reality but all good things must come to an end. Although we had a family friend visit our cat every other day, he was still not happy.  He decided to poop on our leather couch. To say I was thoroughly disgusted is an understatement. Then, a day after we got home he did it again. I'm currently washing, scrubbing and spraying every surface possible to get the stink out. If not, we are going to need a new couch. That is not helpful to our budget. Also our garage door broke the day before we left so I need to call the repairman. I'm hoping the cost is minimal on that. But I can't complain, life can always be worse and so I have to be thankful for our blessings as much as I may want to scream in frustration, I have to tell myself that things can be replaced/fixed!

Today, I'll be working on clearing out more space and clutter. I'm seriously downsizing my Ebay stock because I need to concentrate on a small section of my items. Gathering items to take to Dad. I'm hoping everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to posting more this summer!

Performer at Circus Circus

Scenic drive

The Wynn

Every detail was so beautiful

Amazing outdoor waterfall

Fresh flower creations!

The Mirage volacano eruption

Boxing ring at the MGM

Cirque du Soleil theater at the MGM

We splurged on room service desserts while Mr. Man was a the casino