Wednesday, November 14, 2012

$$, Pineapples and Spongebob

On the money front, I received some great news!  One of kiddo's therapy bills was overpaid so I have a credit!  Woohoo.  I'm hoping to catch up the other therapy bill and start the new year with a zero balance.

Now on to pineapples.  We love pineapple.  So much so that I was buying 3 to 4 cans a shopping trip.  I was paying about $3.50 for 4 cans.  Then, one day I decided to buy a whole pineapple for $2.  I cut it up and ended up with the equivalent of 6 or 7 cans.  The whole pineapple tastes sooo much better. Can't believe it took me this long to figure it out!

Speaking of of the kiddos bought a dvd today with their own money.  It was a Spongebob Christmas two pack at Walmart.  The 2 pack costs $14.94 and there was a sticker on the front for a free movie ticket up to an $8 value. You redeem a code online and print out your movie cash!  So easy and convenient.  Two dvds and a movie ticket for 15 bucks.  I thought that was a great value. 

I'm hoping by next post, my debt totals will reflect one less credit card! Although this year did not prove to be as productive as I would have liked, I  have to focus on the positives. Our debt did not defeat us but instead motivated us to make changes in our lives for the better.  A zero balance is no longer a dream but a very attainable goal :)


Out My window said...

I certainly have not been as productive on debt as I like, but I keep paying for things so i must be okay or stupid? Fresh pineapple is so good but do not put it in jello it will not set. You have to use canned.

QandADebt said...

Thanks for the tip :) Debt can sometimes feel like its neverending but everytime we eliminate a credit card it gets us that much more closer to zero.