Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preparing for Back to School

Well, these past days I have been preparing for the kiddos to return to school.  It's been a challenge since funds are very limited.  Today, I had a little over $370 to work with.  With that I needed to fill up the car, buy uniform shirts for Kiddo2, buy clothes for Kiddo1 and buy groceries including lunch items for next week. Here is the breakdown:

$61 for gas
$48 for Kiddo2's school uniform shirts
$99 for Kiddo1's  clothes
$120 for groceries
$36 for lunch (back to school lunch)
$9 breakfast

Total $373

Going out to lunch was not necessary. We had been out all day and the lunch ended up being a good way to enjoy a lunch out together before school starts. I'm happy I was able to  do all I needed to with what I had.

I'm thankful to have made some sales on Ebay and with that will be getting Kiddo1 a book bag, Kiddo2 some shorts for school and Kiddo1 a pair of shoes.

I need to empty our "back to school" jar.  Whatever is in it will go to any lingering school expenses :)

I'm going to be listing through the weekend.  To be "cash only" 100% of the time is our goal.  Its hard but we have come so far already.  I just need to keep my eye on the prize - DEBT FREEDOM!

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Jolie said...

It certainly adds up quickly. It's nice you had a lunch together. The boys and I do that usually too as our time together gets short during the school year. Good luck on the first day!