Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Working on my TO DO list!

Good Morning All! I must have started about 10 posts over the past few months and each time I would start over because I thought they weren't good enough. So I promised myself that Today I'd post no matter what!

Summer has begun and I have been working away at my TO DO List!

  • The majority of my Ebay Inventory is now neatly put away in bins on racks in the garage. YAY!

  • The fireplace is done and our living room is painted.  Yippee!

  • Mr. Man and I have started an emergency fund...all these years and we kept failing at it. We have worked our savings into our budget and I hope we keep the momentum going!

  • I've been decluttering like a mad woman.  I tend to hold on to too much stuff.  I'm learning to let go of the unnecessary.  This has been the hardest for me!

  • I am meal planning to reduce food waste. Eating out is my crutch! I'm trying to find simple and healthy meals that can both use what we have on hand and don't result in tons of food waste.

  • I have put myself on a buying freeze for Ebay! I have so much stock at the moment that I need to work through it before I can think of going on any big buying trips. I am allowing myself to buy only if its a rare or high end piece.

  • I'm dedicating time to ME. I have made small goals to work on my mind and body. For the next fourteen days, I challenged myself to get on the treadmill at least once a day. I am also being mindful of what I eat, while still giving myself room for a yummy dessert occasionally.

Here's my meal plan for this week: 

Monday - Baked chicken breast, string beans and brown rice

Tuesday - Enchiladas with fresh pinto beans

Wednesday - Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


Friday - Bean and Cheese Tostadas and Spanish rice

Saturday - Mr. Man is BBQing

Sunday - Cheese Tortellini with Red Sauce and Salad

Monday - Hot Dogs

Be Grateful, Be Kind and Be Happy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Busy with Dad, Side Hustles and Ebay!

So grateful to be too me that means that I still have purpose somewhere in this crazy life! Dad has had a few ER visits but thankfully he's doing okay so that is a big plus.

 Side hustle wise, I've turned it up a notch. I have been signing up for surveys for cash online. Made $125 last month on an online focus group I qualified for. I also have done a few mystery shops. Received a check for $36 for a SUPER easy pizza shop.

I also rented a very small booth space in an antique mall. Its about the width of a small bookcase and about 7 feet tall lengthwise. But I was elated to get the space. I have been inquiring every few months for about 2 years. So I was so happy to get my foot in the door. I have been taking items that are not quite right for Ebay but I believe still have value and I don't want to take them to Dad's fleamarket booth (He's overflowing with stuff right now). Its $40 per month and I already have made my booth fee in sales so I'm excited.

On Ebay, I have been listing and listing. I really am trying hard to reclaim my house and I refuse to stow away things in a storage room to be forgotten. So I am listing every chance I get. Sales have been good and I'm trying to increase my Ebay store inventory. I have plenty of stock to list so I'm scaling back on buying because frankly its ridiculous. In the past few months I did have one monster sale (for me that is) of over $2500. It helped out at just the right time.

I'm hoping to catch up on all my favorite blogs this weekend. last Ebay tip for on the lookout for high end perfume bottles. The possibility of finding them is very good considering everyone at one time or another will either buy or receive a nice quality perfume. If the bottle reads Made in France the chance it will sell is greater. They can bring in a pretty penny :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year to everyone. Hoping that 2016 brings only great things to each and every one of you :) I finally have pried myself away from day to day life! I have not posted in AGES! Fireplace is 95% done. Floors are 100% done. Mr. Man has to do some finishing touches around house and paint changes above fireplace.

Here are some before and after shots:

Fireplace Demo!

New Fireplace Installed

Drywall installed

New Tile in Place

Fireplace almost done

Still have to wipe down fireplace and add edging to it but just glad to have my house back for the most part. 

Gotta get back to listing on Ebay but hope to check in more often with more remodeling pics!