Thursday, September 3, 2015

Budget ideas, tips and advice with teens?

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I love reading blogs, watching Youtube videos and scouring Pinterest for budget ideas but I never seem to find anything that really relates to me. I love all the helpful hints but if I'm to be honest, not a whole lot is very realistic in my world. I'm not a single parent, empty nester, homeschooler or Mom of preschoolers which seems to be the majority of information I find. I try to piece together what works best for our family but sometimes it would be nice to see a family who has two ravenous teens who eat their weight in food a week! LOL! To be honest, our food budget alone is totally on the opposite spectrum of a family with a baby and a two year old. Let's not mention clothing, school expenses, doctor visits (did I mention Austim is in the mix as well), spending time with friends and impending graduation/college costs. It's a whole lotta cash flying out the door. Teens will not be entertained with peekaboo or toilet roll crafts (okay maybe some of the times!). I can hear my own frustration here! I guess my post is sounding like a rant but there's a sea of Moms who are in the same boat...I'm just not really sure where they are?

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