Monday, June 22, 2015

Getting back on the Ebay horse....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It's Monday so its a "blah" kind of morning to start but trying to turn it around and make it a YAY kind of day! I'm trying to get back on the Ebay horse as my listings have been dwinding a bit so I really need to ramp up my listing and make some $$$. I have lots of inventory so I'm going to scale back on Dad visits since my sister is off for the summer and pass the torch to her for a while. I find that a bit difficult but letting go for a bit is good for my sanity. LOL!

Summer is expensive because we try to keep on the go and naturally our food costs go up with 3 instead of 1 (sometimes 2 if I'm counting Dad) at home during the day. Add to that, electric/water costs go up and there you have it...summer money is needed. I'm also considering sending Kiddo2 to Math Camp next week. I wish I was the parent who is on top of things and had this all lined up already but I'm not. I should be...but I am not. I'm going to talk to Kiddo2 and get their thoughts on it. 

Something new that I will do with every post is give a tip on Ebaying. Do I consider myself an but after 13 years of Ebaying, I do believe I know a thing or! I'll start with one item to keep an eye out for....camping lanterns. Just about everyone has one in their garage or has a parent/grandparent who has one in theirs so its an easily accessible item.  Some vintage lanterns can bring in hundreds of dollars while the ultra rare types bring in thousands of dollars. If you have one, a quick search of Ebay completed items will help gauge what your item is worth. 

Y'all have a great day :) 

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