Friday, January 16, 2015

How We Save Money...

I always enjoy reading about how others save money in their daily lives so I thought I'd share the little ways we save....

1. Skip the soda/cookie/chip aisle at the grocery store.  I find it amazing how many people load down their carts with cases of soda, chips and cookies.  Hey, I love me some junk food but I also know that I cannot have it in the house because it will all be gone within the day! Plus all that money adds up and I'd rather get a few extra fruits and vegetables instead. 

2. We do not have cable.  Some people may cringe at this thought but we cut the cord about 2-3 years ago.  And that was with a teenager and elementary aged kid.  The kids watch the shows they like online and we stream movies and tv shows through Netflix and Amazon.  Plus Youtube has so many helpful and funny videos.  We use an HDTV anntenna on our TV to catch local stations and ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW. We do not miss paying the extra $100 a month at all!

3. We have a budget.  Now, sometimes we go over our allotted amounts but it keeps us accountable and helps guide us in order to save money.  Our budget lists all fixed bills as well as food, gas, lunch money and other "soft" expenses.  If ever we have a tight month we can immediately see where we can trim spending. 

4.  I coupon.  I'm not an extreme crazy couponer (sometimes I wish I .  I just search and clip coupons on items we use normally.  I also use rewards cards and keep a stockpile of items we use daily. 

5. The last way we save money is we enjoy the little things! Although I would love to spend a day at the mall every weekend shopping away...I always stop myself and ask " Is that where my time is best spent?" Making memories with my kids and giving them experiences rather than things has played a huge part in getting our finances back on track.  They remember days at the park, shows we've seen together and fun trips we've taken over things we have bought for them. 

I'm hoping ya'll have a great weekend and as always I look forward to reading how ya'll save :) 


Charrob said...

I save money a lot of the ways you do. I coupon...not an extremist...but pretty diligent. I consign a lot Nd try to sell what we no longer use. I pack lunches. We are currently undertaking a no take out challenge. We have a budget. I meal plan

QandADebt said...

The No take out challenge sounds like a great way to save! I really have to consider doing it. Thanks for reading :)