Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!  I have been out of the loop lately but 2015 is here and I'm ready for it.  Or I at least hope I  The holiday season was great we enjoyed lots of family and no drama.  I guess we are all growing up :) So on to the NEW YEAR, Mr. Man is a lot under the weather but trying to get better. I am thinking of all the things I want to accomplish this year.  Every year I make resolutions that I cannot at all keep. I'm trying to be reasonable and realistic.

My first resolution is to lose 20 pounds. I've been slowly working on a weight goal and know these 20 pounds are doable. It will be challenging because I have a huge sweet tooth but I'm committed to doing it and know I CAN do it.

My second resolution is to eliminate 4 of my credit card debts by the end of 2015. Reducing our debt total is a huge priority this year.

My third resolution is to pay cash for our trip to Las Vegas for a family wedding. This is a big trip for us which will equal a big expense.

My last resolution is relax more and just enjoy family time.  I tend to always have housework/organizing to do so I want to be able to put "work" on the backburner when the weekend comes around.

I'm hoping this new year brings each one of you HAPPINESS, HEALTH and PROSPERITY!

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