Friday, November 14, 2014

Brrr...A cold front blew in!

As I type my fingers are thawing out! A cold front blew in Wednesday night and its so cold today. Well, for us down here in South Texas its cold ...36 degrees F with the windchill it feels like 26 degrees F.  I know many of you up north deal with a whole lot colder weather but it might as well be 10 below 0 because all the heavy coats, mittens and hats have been pulled out.  By the way, I AM LOVING this weather.  I'm in such a can do mood in the  Today, I will be listing.  I need to make about 300 dollars by the end of the month. I've been researching a whole lot to see what price points are the best to get my items moving.

A post or so ago I wrote about Dad wanting to close up shop.  I had a long talk with him and come to find out he does want to keep the booths open but he wasn't generating enough profit to pay the rent.  I didn't know we was pulling so much of his money out of pocket. So many of my siblings have been visiting that he couldn't open the booths.  I told him that he needed to have them tag along and help if they were in town for a visit. My Mom always said "Tienes que ser FAIR". Its a mix of Spanish and English translated to "You have to be fair". She always said this when telling my Dad they had to visit my siblings out of town or attend one of their special events.  She always made sure they were each given time. So, I told him this but with respect to letting my out of town siblings help out with the booth when they were in town.  I told him its not fair to have my sister and I run it with him and then expect us to entertain as well when family comes to town. We need our down time and would like a break when someone else can help out. He understood and already had one of my brothers at the booth with him one day last weekend.  

I have to get working but I will leave ya'll with a shot of the front moving into town :)

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