Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Money sure goes fast!

This month I'm trying to track my spending.  And boy am I surprised how fast it goes! We have spent more than usual on eating. I need to start planning dinners again. It didn't help that our oven had burned out. I picked up the part yesterday and we are up and running again :)  We have various expenses this month and I'm hoping to make some extra money to help out with that. Trying to figure out what to get/make Mr. Man for Valentine's Day!  I also have a mountain of clutter/papers at my desk that need taming, a book report, two trips and who knows what else that is coming up.  Oh gosh, my head hurts just thinking about it :D   But I'm glad I'm feeling better enough to do all these things!
I'll leave you with a fun parting pic...the other day I asked Kiddo2 to bring me a cup of water because I wasn't feeling well.  This is what I got :)

Kiddo2 said the straws were put together so I wouldn't have to sit up to drink. Kiddo2 also pulled up a chair and snacks to sit with me.  My heart just swelled with happiness.  It was the best medicine ever.

Have a great Thursday!

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