Monday, November 11, 2013

Cooking at home, Christmas shopping and Ebay

So if you haven't figured it out by now...I go through phases.  Currently, given my physical state of health, I'm in a homebody phase. I have been cooking way more than I have in a long while.  Today, I made breakfast for Dad and I. Then, I decided to whip something up for a late lunch.  Made a Chicken and Broccoli bake and homemade banana bread (dad brought some ripe bananas). I'm starting to scare myself. I mean...I made hot freakin chocolate yesterday.  I'm morphing into some other person and I'm liking it. LOL!! It has been doing wonders for our budget which coincidentally I have been watching like a hawk.  I'm writing every transaction and reducing it from our bottom line. 

Aside from cooking, I went ahead and printed out my Christmas Lists.  Yes...lists.  I have a family list and a teacher/friend list. I'm keeping gifts small but thoughtful.  I'm scouring Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the holidays.  From putting up the tree, to Christmas music, to Christmas light watching and all the yummy food that goes in between.  The Christmas season lifts my spirits.  I thank my Mom for that and although she is no longer here to share it with us, I know she will be here in spirit :)

Finally, there's Ebay. It's a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes I enjoy listing that it seems so easy and other times I'm reluctant to even log on to the site. I'm not "feelin' " it this week but we will see what the weekend brings!

Hoping all you lovely people out there have a WONDERFUL week!


Lena said...

It might be the season too that puts you in a cooking mood :) I love Christmas too but this year I'll try to be done with shopping by the end of November and just enjoy the Christmas spirit with all the craziness that usually comes with it!

QandADebt said...

Lena, that sounds heavenly. I can only wish to be done by the end of November! Enjoying December without the added pressure of gift buying would be awesome!