Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hiding under a rock and talking finances with Mr. Man

I never seem to have enough time lately. Between the kids, Dad, Mr. Man and doctor appointments, everything has been turned upside down.

This past weekend we had a three day slumber party due to the big Anime convention in town.  Mr. Man sacrificed himself and camped out at the convention each day to keep tabs on the girls.  They loved it and we loved seeing how happy it made our kiddo and friends. I was a bit under the weather and had an ER visit the night before the convention was to start.  Turns out I had a kidney infection in addition to my current ailments. Oh what fun.  Went to the specialist and after two days of CT scans, I got a diagnosis.  I will have to have two surgeries. The first is a day surgery this coming week. Is a quick surgery that will involve some prep for my big surgery in the next few weeks.  I'm scared, anxious and weirdly relieved that hopefully I will feel better soon.

Aside from that I have been helping Dad at the fleamarket every weekend.  I enjoy the social aspect of it but hate being away from Mr. Man and the kiddos. I do it because the money I help Dad make is far more than the money I could possibly give him out of my own pocket.

The cherry on top of this craziness is the fact that we are in fundraising season at both kiddos schools. So orders forms were due, the big school fundraiser is gearing up, picture money was due and who knows what else I'm forgetting.  All I know is I'm super dee duper TIRED.

I will add that this past money was my biggest Ebay month yet.  My gross sales were close to $800. I worked my butt off and hope I can make at least half of that this month.  With the upcoming medical expenses it will help tremendously.

Which brings me to talking finances with Mr. Man.  Although, bills are getting paid, we are trying to figure out how to keep an emergency fund in the bank. He is a better saver than me but then again he doesn't have to deal with the day to day expenses as well as wade through our mountain of medical bills.  We devised a plan of attack for this month...lets see how we do. 

Here's a pic of my kiddo and friend in their cosplays :)

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Lena said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your health issues! I hope, both of the surgeries go well and won't break your bank. Hugs!