Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's in the bank...

Current bank balance $215.  Waiting for my $250 installment payment to go through which is taking forever.  Have to run over to the bank to deposit today to avoid overdraft fees. Payday will be here soon.  Mr. Man and I have talked about paying off a card or a large chunk of medical bills by years end. Either way we want to make headway on our debt totals. 

I have some meat defrosting for dinner.  I'm trying to cook dinner every day this week.  For most people that is no problem. Lately, I have not been wanting to do it. So, if I can make it to Friday, I will be happy. My goal is to feed 6 of us for dinner for under $10. The extra 2 are my Dad and nephew (who has been staying with Dad). I'm hoping tonight should be easy.

Aside from that I'm still decluttering.  It seems to be endless! Taking some more stuff over to Dad. I'm also going to try to give some away on Freecycle. 

I've been bouncing around ideas for the givewaway.  Carla from  My 1/2 Dozen Daily had an excellent suggestion and I'm going to run with it.  I'm going to do a few small giveaways consisting of a few previously loved items then do a cash/PayPal giveaway. I'm so excited!

***just finished making dinner...baked barbecue chicken with zucchini, Spanish rice and refried
beans. Fed 7 for $10! Woohoo :)

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Lena said...

Your dinner sounds delicious!! :) Good luck on your goals.