Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ugh...Mr. Man, short on time and trying to make money

None too pleased with Mr. Man today. I won't get into the details as it is nothing major just Mars vs. Venus type stuff :D  

Well this week is going to prove to be short on time for me.  Now that I'm feeling a bit better (still a ways away from feeling 100% though), I have headed over to Dad's to spend the day with him.  I take him to where he needs to go and make sure he eats something while I'm there.  He can do these things himself. I figure, if I can take a load off from him from time to time, its good for the both of us :)  In doing so though, my day is very segmented.  So not a whole lot getting done at home.  I hope to catch up next week.

On the money front, my account is at 85 cents. A bit sad, I may have Mr. Man dip into the reserves. Just to make it through the week. I'm trying to find time to list on Ebay but there is so much to do I'm not making enough time to do it.  A thing listed here and there is not cutting it.  I will have to schedule in some time. My goal is to make a couple hundred by months end. I know I can do it, let's just see if I make the time to do it! I'm also excited at the 3rd payment installment will be going through soon. Cannot believe how fast time flies. 

The decluttering is going very well and I'm making progress.  I've gotten rid of so much and hope to get rid of a lot more. In the meantime, here is a pic of the before (its scary!):


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