Saturday, August 31, 2013

Totals Updated, Give Away #2, $378 Purse...I think not

So I've updated my totals. Number is still huge but I'm pleased so far with our progress to move that number down. I hope to gain more momentum with each month. 

Here is Give Away #2. Its a Claude Monet Friends and Family Organizer Book.  Its never been used.  Keep your phone numbers, birthdays, Christmas Card List and gift ideas all in one place. First person to want it..gets it!

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Man took me  out for my birthday. He said I could buy whatever I wanted. The majority of the day was spent going from store to store. Every kind of store- thrift store, craft store, discount store and finally the mall. I found a few things for the house and kids. All on sale of course. I had been on the hunt for a blue purse that was roomy yet not too gawdy. Well, I found a purse whose style I really liked. Mr. Man said to get it. It was my day and when he said anything he meant it. Luckily, I'm the one whose always looking for a bargain. The  $378 price tag was a huge turnoff. The things I could by with that kind money (I bought a bunch of clothes and my total didn't come close to the price of the bag). Here is a pic of the the $$$ bag

I decided to look for something I like but without the big price tag. Here's what I got


Not exactly the same but similar enough and in the color I wanted. With shipping, I paid $28. Woohoo! 

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Lena said...

I love the one you chose! Great color too!