Saturday, July 13, 2013

Settling debts

Last October I fell behind on a line of credit. The total was about 1400 dollars. I put it off intending to get back on track with my payment schedule. Then Mom passed and all extra monies went to her service. They sent letters and I would just put them in a pile. Finally yesterday, I decided to try to set up a payment arrangement. The funny thing is I was willing to pay the total balance owed. Their rep said the company would not accept an installment plan. I'm not naive and know that the collection agency did not ever call the actual lender but I played along. I just wanted to set up payments to pay my debt. Ironically, in the end they made me an offer of $1000 to be paid over the course of two months. I agreed and although it will be a very tight squeeze, I am glad to get this resolved. Especially at a a 400 savings without even asking!  Strange how things work out.

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