Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Debt Totals updated and more cleaning

I've been plugging away at the cleaning around here.  I'm suppose to take it easy for 3 more weeks so as you can imagine, cleaning is very slow going.  Aside from that, I have updated my debt totals. God willing, I'm working on bringing that number way down by year's end. I have been sorting through clutter and all kinds of stuff.  I took some to donate and I also have a big pile ready for Dad to take to the fleamarket.  I've also managed to get through the day without spending a whole lot of money.  Spent under $3 today at CVS.  It would have been way more but I did a CVS survey this morning for $10 in Extracare bucks and printed out another $3 ECB that they sent me yesterday.  I also had a coupon. So before, total was like $17 but I only paid $2.79 out of pocket.  Wish everyday was a low spend day. 

Off I go...

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Lena said...

Cleaning and decluttering is always a slow process for me, especially in summer when there is so many other, more fun things to do, lol!