Sunday, July 28, 2013

A bit house bound but that's okay....

I've been going a bit stir crazy!  Since my surgery, I have not been able to leave the house for long periods of time.  I was not anticipating my recovery time would be this long.  You would think the 6-8 week recovery time the doctor told me about would have given me a clue ;)  At times, I am absolutely miserable but find myself having to snap out of it and be thankful that I am okay.  The good thing about being home so much is I have been decluttering quite a bit. I thought of selling the larger things but figured Dad would be happy to put them up in his booth for some quick cash...I figured its a win/win.  It's out of my house and Dad gets a little extra money.  As I clear out space it helps me focus on items that have been overlooked and can actually bring in a nice profit on Ebay.

Aside from that, I have been working on our budget.  I'm happy that my 2nd installment payment will be going through shortly.  I'm actually excited to see it vanish off my debt total list!

With being at home so much, the kiddos have been bored.  They have been such troopers, helping me clean and move things around the house these past few weeks.  I am counting my blessings.  Yesterday, we purchased a snow cone maker.  With this crazy heat, I figured it was a nice way to cool off. We purchase cold slushies and ice cream more than once a week. So the $20 investment was a no brainer.  We had some snowcones this afternoon to cool off. 

Lastly, Mr. Man and I had a huge reality check. I have been wanting a newer home for years. We always look but Mr. Man finally had a realtor come look at our house. He said our home would sell as it is with no problem. He just sold a home down the street in less than 60 days. He said ours would be easier since it is market ready.  Plus it would sell at a nice profit. Hearing that, we went into house buying mode IMMEDIATELY. Mr. Man was ready to snap one up and I was excited and sick to my stomach. For once in my financial life, I found myself weighing the pros and cons carefully. What it boiled down to was, we would go from $149,000 in debt to $250,000 in debt after all was said and done. A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS just sounded so ridiculous that Mr. Man and I put on the brakes! I could not take on that kind of debt. It is so crazy and unwise.

I must saw I am a bit relieved.  We have been so cold and hot about the housebuying situation but once we looked at what our debt would be like after buying a "new to us" house it just didn't make sense. Tonight, I hope to get a good night's sleep.  Counting my blessings :)

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