Saturday, February 16, 2013

Woohoo our house payment went down!

A small bit of good news.  I received our new payment book from the mortgage company.  Our house payment came down $45 per month.  That was enough for me to shout "Woohoo!"  The reduction is due to our property taxes falling a bit. These past few years I had complained to Mr. Man that they seemed a bit high for the area. I guess the appraisal district did some tweaking :)  Yay for us. 

Aside from that, I've been trying to work on our income taxes.  Finished up the bulk of the work...just need Mr. Man to find a paper or two and I should be done.

This next week will entail lots of filing, shredding and organizing.  I've made quite a bit of headway today.  I'm trying to make the most of my time at home.  I've been staying with my Dad 1/2 of the week so a lot of stuff at home is piling up.  I'm trying to manage my time better little by little.  I actually feel a bit accomplished and just wish there was more money to pay bills so I could file them away :D 

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week! 


Jolie said...

Congrats on the reduction! Is it possible for you two to keep paying that $45 that you are used to paying now, to try to knock down your balance?

QandADebt said...

I think we will apply the $45 to one of our high interest credit card payments. I had been looking at newer homes but the reduction will keep me in this house just a bit longer.

Lena said...

Nice! I love to look at the big picture too - it will be a saving of $540 a year!