Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The price of staying healthy...

Well, I'm scheduled for day surgery once again (different procedure). Mr. Man said his promotion came at the right time because of the added expenses.  I'm grateful I can have the procedure done and hopefully relieve some pain. The past 30 days have been terrible.  Between losing my mom, the holidays, sibling drama and my health, I'm about ready to go hide under a rock somewhere. I won't complain.  I know others are dealing with bigger issues so I have to be grateful for all my blessings. 

The total oop expense should be about $2000 for the surgery.  Our flexible spending account should reimburse us $560 of that so I'm hoping it does. The hospital does not require the full amount up front so we only need about $1300 by the time I preregister. I really hope I'm feeling as close to normal after all this.

I have been listing here and there on Ebay.  Brought in a few dollars and need to ramp it up after I'm feeling better. More than likely that will be the beginning of next month.

I'm off to do nothing for a little while....going to try to find a good British romantic drama on Netflix :)

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