Monday, November 19, 2012

Buh Bye 24% interest credit card!!

Photo credit : Crazyadventuresinparenting

Woohoo...Yippee...we paid off one of our high interest credit cards!  Total was a little over $1600.  We were paying 24% interest, which is ridiculous.  It saved us over $300 in interest a year.  So thankful we were able to do this. 

This weekend I am hoping to do some Christmas shopping.  We have a little extra cash and Mr. Man and I agreed to not spend it on eating out or useless impulse buys. So I'm going to look at my coupons and get the most for our money. 

Aside from that, we are preparing for Thanksgiving.  For the past few years we have taken a turkey to my mother's (two are required and she makes the other).  Luckily, one of my siblings volunteered to bring the other turkey so I only need to bring a couple side dishes. I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm actually getting excited to see everyone the next few days.  Hope it goes well :)


Lena said...

Wohoo! Congratulations! 24% is a crazy!!

QandADebt said...

I agree!