Thursday, August 9, 2012

The "Poor Man's Chicken Parmigiana" :D

Yesterday, my Mom had invited Mr. Man, the kiddos and I over for dinner. My brother was suppose to come into town so she was going to make dinner.  I went to the store today to buy a few things and didn't buy anything for tonight since we had plans.  After getting home from the store, my Mom calls to tell me dinner is postponed till Friday.  I'm tired, sleepy and have a ton of things to do at home. Come dinnertime I look in the fridge and its slim pickins.  I could have had Mr. Man pick something up but decided to work with what we had. This is the result:

I call it "Poor Man's Chicken Parmigiana" :D  I cooked some gluten free noodles, opened up a can of crushed tomatoes then seasoned it and put some chicken nuggets in the oven.  Not the healthiest nor most visually appealing meal ever but it was tasty and Kiddo2 ate plenty of pasta with just the sauce. I'm going to do our big shopping trip tomorrow.  I created a spreadsheet for all my coupons and put them in order by layout of the store.  If it helps me while I shop then I will keep doing it. 

I updated my debt totals and it's not pretty.  I could let it get me down but I must keep postive and try to continue battling the debt monster.  My biggest challenge is using credit. Mr. Man and I want to pay off at least one account and close it before the year ends. We have to stay motivated  and to some degree writing this blog always brings everything back in to focus for me. 

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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