Sunday, August 26, 2012

Every bit helps!

This weekend was spent organizing, listing, and preparing for the first day of school.  I cleaned out the cupboards on Saturday.  I had a large grocery bag of food...items that the kiddos didn't like after all, knew we were never going to use or had expired.  I was going to throw out the expired food (all boxed items) but decided to put them and all the other items on our local Freecycle site.  I put a description of all items as well as all best by/ better use by dates.  I was very surprised at all the responses I received.  Each person expressed their family's need for the food items.  It was hard to choose but I recognized a family who I had picked up craft items from many years ago.  They are a family of 12.  I told Mr. Man that I wish I had more to give.  I frequently come upon clearance items at the grocery store for pennies.  I told Mr. Man I will be buying items and stockpiling them and then give them away.  I told him for the cost of a candy bar every week I could buy quite a few items.  So that is what I am going to do. 

This next week will be spent listing, listing and listing.  Ebay has been good to me this month and I thank my lucky stars for it.  I hope next month will be just as kind :)  

Hoping everyone has a fantastic week!


~Carla~ said...

I've given away bags of food on Freecycle as well... :) You get bonus karma today! Well done!!

QandADebt said...

Some good karma never hurts :)

Out My window said...

It is amazing how many people really do not have enough food. I always buy sugar cereal for the food bank drive. I know it is crap but the food bank people have told me how nice it is to be have to put a box of Lucky Charms on top of a box of food where there are small children are involved. it is like Christmas.

QandADebt said...

Out My window , wonderful suggestion. It makes sense and an unexpected treat would be nice!