Saturday, May 26, 2012

What do we REALLY need?

This summer will be a great transition period...I just cancelled my newspaper subscription. The majority of the time I read it online anyways!  We have made the final decision to cancel cable and our landline.  The landline will be the hardest to let go just because I see it as a safety net. Hubby just signed us up for internet service with a different company. Had to change  since we are currently signed up with cable company.  We will be saving $115 a month between both.  We are also hoping to reduce our phone bill by downgrading our plan.  We really have been evaluating what we really need...although nice to have we really weren't watching much television plus our all inclusive phone plans (although nice) were a luxury.  So, in order to push along our progress in our battle against debt we need to cut expenses.

 I'm also headed to the grocery store today to stock up on essentials.  I see lots and lots of cooking in my future :)  I'm pretty excited because I'm so inspired my all of you and your wonderful pics and recipes. 

I love having the kiddos home!  I'm hoping we have a great summer :)


Out My window said...

These are great ways to save money and you will not miss the phone or the cable. I did this long ago and have never regretted it. I am looking forward to cooking more now that I have more time.

Lena said...

We cancelled our land line service two years ago, and I never really missed it. $115 a month will give you $1380 a year. These are some nice savings!

QandADebt said...

Thanks for the encouraging words ya'll :) Change is hard and sometimes its so ridiculous the things we get "attached" to.