Sunday, May 13, 2012

My one day of ABSOLUTE rule :D's Mother's Day!  Not even on my birthday do I have so much power in my! We will see how far the "It's Mother's Day" excuse will get me :)   I purposely did not do the dishes yesterday because I knew they'd get done today...I know...I sneaky but Mr. Man and the kiddos are awesome like that.  I will be going to the grocery store because my Mom has requested banana pudding for our Mother's Day lunch.  My Dad is making a brisket so no cooking for me.  I also have to bring a side dish but I may just buy something premade because....wait for it....IT'S MOTHER'S Day!  Okay on to the gifts...Mr. Man and the kiddos gave me a cute pair of flats and a gift card. I always tell them not to worry because just a few hugs and kisses make it all worth it but I'm not crazy to refuse a gift :P  I'm getting dressed in a bit and heading out.  Yay...a morning for me is great!  Now...I try to work in me time every now and then but today it just makes it that much sweeter :) I'm blessed to still have my Mom and Thank God every day for her.  I'm lucky to have some great kiddos and being their Mommy is an absolute honor and joy.   HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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