Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Day Weekend and Easter!

So excited that today was the last day of school for this week!  Tomorrow, I'm telling Mr. Man to take my car to work and we will all sleep in/loaf around.  Today, I spent way more than I anticipated and I'm a little stressed about Easter.  I have such a large extended family and we all usually give each other's kids a little something.  I'm trying to find inexpensive crafts that I can make.  I'm considering buying a bunch of plain tees and painting bunnies on them.  Not sure but its a thought. 

Moneywise, we are in the crapper but I am happy to say no credit cards are being used so that is a positive.  Tomorrow I will use to list on Ebay and hope to make a few bucks.  Yesterday, I had been running around all day and knew I would be running around some more this morning.  I told Kiddo2 I would buy lunch for them and bring it buy.  Kiddo2's response was "No, I don't want that.  We have plenty of good food at home."  Out the mouths of was really nice to hear that. I felt myself losing what little grip I have on my finances and that comment brought me right back where I needed to be! 

Tonight, I am going to declutter some more.  My house is a terrible mess and I want it back to a somewhat neat state.  We will see how much progress I can make...

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