Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sicky Saturday and Keeping Busy

So my guests came and went yesterday morning.  I'm always a wreck when people are to come over because my house never manages to stay clean. So I can now say, it looks the most presentable it has in a long time!  Unfortunately, I seem to have caught a cold or something because I've been congested and sneezing.  Oh well, nothing I can't handle.  Today, I'm again working in my bedroom.  In cleaning the rest of the house, a lot of things made their way to our room.  So I'm going to get it straightened out before its out of control.  Ebay has been incredibly slow which is disappointing but I'm switching up my sales strategy to see if it helps bring in some extra cash. Mr. Man's birthday is coming up and I would love to get him something really nice :)  I leave you with a parting shot of tulips I bought for Kiddo2's teachers.  They are such a great group of educators that every now and then I like to show them our appreciation :)

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