Monday, April 23, 2012

A No Spend Day!

Today was one of those rare no spend days...I definitely need more of them :) .

Kiddo2 needed some things for lunch so I decided to head on over to Walmart and see what I could get for under $7.23 (the balance of a visa gift card I recently got in the mail).  Here's what I purchased:

One 6 pack of Lays potato chips -2.18
One carton of strawberries - 1.88
One 10pk of 100% Minute Maid Juice - 2.98
One small package of Schar's Gluten Free Wafers (can be used for two lunches) -1.67

Used a $1 off Minute Maid coupon
Used a $2 off any Schar's product coupon (WM gives overage which is a plus)

Total was $5.71

Balance remaining on gc - $1.52

On my way out the store, I returned my cart and found a $3 coupon sitting in a cart for another grocery store which will get me $3 in baby food free (Kiddo1 and I love eating the banana baby food as a

Its literally the little things in life that make me happy :P

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