Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having a much better day!

Today is going so much  better than yesterday.  Took breakfast to my parents and did a little thrifting afterwards. Took Kiddo2 to an appointment.  Picked up Kiddo1 and we all went to the grocery store.  I was so tempted to just buy take out for dinner but I snapped out of it.  Here's money spent today!

ATM - $20 (covered breakfast for Mom/Dad & lunch money for Kiddo1)
Corner Store - $6 (2 Drinks and Pistachios - snack for Kiddo2 before appt)
Gas - $61  (filled up the tank!)
Groceries - $126 (got 90% of what I needed for the week)

Pic is of tonight's dinner...four servings for $10 total....definitely better than eating out!


Sharon said...

Hi Q&A!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...It's nice to find yours! :)!

$126 is great for a week's worth of food! Great job on resisting eating out too!

Out My window said...

Isn't it nice when things go well, I am glad you had a better day.