Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Morning! Looking around and procrastinating.  I did start the morning right...convinced Mr. Man to put dinner in the crockpot and also made breakfast (Mr. Man was wanting to go out to eat). Now, I'm kind of at a standstill.  I have guests Friday morning and want the house to look as nice as possible. The kids' rooms are okay considering I'm always on them to pick up after themselves.  My room on the other hand looks less than presentable.  I'm fixin' to get a trash bag and fill it.  About once a week I take a few bags to my mom for her either to resell at her booth at the indoor fleamarket or give to the Goodwill.  It's items that did not sell on Ebay or I cannot list due to size or condition.  It helps her out a bit and gets the clutter out of the house. Come tomorrow, I'm hoping to have a trunkload to get rid of!

On the spending front we are doing so-so.  So many things have come up that it's driving me a little batty.  We have end of school dances, charity walks, school pictures and yearbooks.  Its a bit insane! I'm trying my best to get a handle on things and well at least for now I can say we aren't completely broke!

To keep myself honest and accountable here's a list of what's been spent:

Spending 4/11/12

$20 ATM (bought Mom and Dad breakfast - took to their home)
$19 Pharmacy (Soup, crackers, meds and tea for Dad - he's been feeling sick)
$48 SAMS wholesale club ( best money spent this week for bulk food items)
$65 Kohls (Clothes for the Kiddo2 - running shoes and outfit for picture day)

Spending 4/12/12

$7 McDonald's (no excuse other than I was hungry)
$60 ATM (school dance tickets and March of Dimes donation)
$22 Grocery store (Teacher's bday gift and a few essentials)

Spending 4/13/12

$20 ATM (fun money to spend on my Mom)
$13 Target (paid portion of Kiddo2's DVD for doing extra chores plus a couple Easter items for next year)
$51 Gas (filled up the car)
$4.50 ATM charge (I hate paying ATM fees!)

Spending 4/14/12

$8 Grocery Store (bread, cheese and popscicles)

Hoping next week's spending will be a whole lot less!

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