Friday, March 9, 2012

A not so great start to Spring Break...

I was so excited this was Friday and after today our Spring Break would officially begin! My excitement was shortlived :(  Before noon the nurse called that Kiddo2 was running a fever.  I went over to the school and Kiddo2 looked terrible.  We went over to the pediatrician's office and after about an hour we were told Kiddo2 had the flu.  Doctor prescribed some Tamiflu and off I went with Kiddo2 in tow (who kept telling me over and over how much they wanted to go home).  Pharmacy1 did not have it in stock so off we go to Pharmacy2.  It would be ready in about 2 hours so I took Kiddo2 home and waited for Kiddo1 to get out of school.  Afterwards,I picked up meds and back home we went.  Five hours later, I am exhausted and a little bummed that meds alone were almost $160 after insurance but I'd gladly pay anything for my kiddos to feel better.  I figure the next couple days while Kiddo2 is in bed I will try to list as much as possible.  I'd much rather Kiddo2 be running around driving me crazy than sick but I will try to maximize my time to make up for the dr. visit/med cost. If all goes well, we will still have a great Spring Break!

I leave you with a parting shot of my very good friend's baby whom I think is super cute!

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