Saturday, March 31, 2012

Debt Totals...gardening

So here are our debt totals for the month of March...

Mortgage - $91,836
Auto Loan - $21,589
Loan - $ 6,197
CCA - $ 8,251
CCB - $ 4,738
CCC - $ 1,889
CCD - $ 1,801
CCE - $ 1,239
CCF - $ 1,774
CCG - $   986
CCH - $ 1,285
Medical - $ 468
Medical - $ 544
Misc - $ 125
Total $142,722

I'm pleased to see progress. Some days it is harder than others and we feel as though we should go out and splurge on something huge.  Then we think about it and realize we don't need much. Its such a hard habit to break.

To help keep us occupied we have planted a couple things in our garden box.  Last year, we went a little crazy and wanted to plant everything and while most of it did grow...the space was too small.  This year we decided to plant just cucumbers and onions. Our cucumbers did really well last year and this year they have already sprouted. I also have planted a tomato plant and the kiddos planted watermelon and broccoli.  Kiddo1's broccoli has already sprouted.  Its so rewarding for them to see something grow from such a tiny seed.  I'm excited and already want to plant a few more things!

Here are a few pics. Mr.Man made a cover for the box because a opossum had been getting into it for quite some time now.

Our visitor

Garden box safe

Cucumber plants have sprouted

Tomato, watermelon and broccoli

Broccoli has sprouted

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