Thursday, March 1, 2012

Debt Totals and Birthday Cake...

So here is where I stand as of March 1, 2012

Mortgage    -         $92,032
Auto Loan  -          $22,015
Loan          -          $  6,352
CCA         -           $  8,312
CCB         -           $  4,789
CCC         -           $  1,908
CCD         -           $  1,816
CCE         -           $  1,275
CCF         -           $  1,796
CCG        -           $   1,120
CCH        -           $   1,200
Medical    -           $     468
Medical    -           $     544
Misc        -           $      125
Total                    $143,752

I'm so glad to be making some progress.  I also heard back about the focus group survey!  I was accepted and will be doing it next week.  I'm getting paid $85 (grocery store gift card).  I will use it for Kiddo1's birthday dinner and cake! After this weekend, I'm sure it will be needed. I think Mr. Man and I will be cancelling our cable/phone/internet plan.  After some quick research, we figured we could easily save about $110 a month by eliminating cable and switching to a cheaper internet/phone plan!  So this week its gone. That will help considerably. 

My parting shot is a pic of my Mom's birthday cake.  I usually like to buy her a really nice one but this year I opted to make it. What it lacked in presentation it made up for in taste. LOL!  Plus, I even made cake pops.  Kiddo2 helped me, he mixed and sprayed the spray frosting.  My Dad and Kiddo1 ate more than their fair share :)


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