Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturdays, Pay Cuts and Debt!

So glad Saturday is here :)  I still have a bit of money in the jars so I'm happy.  I sold three items on Ebay.  I put my profits, which were $35, towards credit card debt.  Planning on listing more today. Its going to be necessary more than ever.  Mr. Man received word on Friday that his company was doing away with customer service bonuses.  So that amounts to about a $500 pay cut a month!  I can understand cutting his pay for underperforming but he overperformed in customer satisfaction and they decided to do away with the program.  Unfortunately, we are being held hostage by our debt and finding another job that pays the same is near impossible. Now more than ever he is determined to get rid of our debt.  His father had some great advice "Look at your budget and see where you can tighten the belt to make up for the pay cut."  Obvious advice but since it came from Dad it had a more "lightbulb" effect for him.

We have some expenses coming up (Kiddo 1's birthday, niece's wedding and my h.s. reunion). For Kiddo 1's birthday I'm considering a pool party at our indoor city pool.  Plenty of entertainment for the kids and easy birthday eats (pizza)!  For my niece's wedding, we will be staying with family so no hotel cost.  We had volunteered to help her with cost and already have sent her the money so no stressing about that.  All we need is dress clothes which I will be getting this month. For my high school reunion, I paid in advance for our tickets so we need a new dress shirt for Mr. Man and some spending money for the reunion weekend.

This week, I am going to ramp up my listings.  It will be hard timewise but I know I can do it.  I'm also going to try to do more surveys. I had not had time lately but its easy money so I need to pick that up again whenever I have a few minutes here and there.  Before I forget its time to update my debt without further ado...

Mortgage           $92,237

Auto Loan          $22,460

Loan -                $6570

Credit Card A -     $8401

Credit Card B-      $4835

Credit Card C-      $1933

Credit Card D -     $1844

Credit Card E -      $1296

Credit Card F -      $1822

Credit Card G -      $1129

Credit Card H -      $1175

Medical Bill -            $963

Medical Bill -            $544

Misc. Medical Bills - $154
Total                   $145363

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A said...

Just found your blog and started following! It doesn't look like our numbers are too far off from one another. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and following your progress with you debt as I try to make some of my own.