Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fright!

Went to a movie with a friend and went to see The Woman In Black.  I'm normally not a scary movie person but love the time period the movie was in and figured it couldn't be bad if Daniel Radcliffe is in it.  Well, it scared the carp out of me! Love movies where your imagination does the work. Plus I didn't spend a whole lot of money because all I needed to worry about was me! LOL!  Total for my ticket and snacks...$10.50 :) 

Planning my grocery trip...hoping to keep it under $140. Also I'm hoping to be selected for a focus group in a couple of weeks.  If selected its a 1 1/2 hr focus group with compensation being an $85 gift card to our local grocery store! Keeping my fingers crossed.  Also will be listing this weekend and gearing up for my niece's wedding next week. 

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