Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals for 2012

I kind of started on this in a post or two ago but decided I needed a more concrete list to stick to.  Here it goes:

  • Pay off a total of 4 Credit Cards - total of $5600
  • Stay current with medical bills - total of about $1500 needed to pay to catch up
  • Organize my home - this will most likely be a yearlong task but I know being organized goes hand in hand with being financially stable
  • Start and keep an emergency fund - Goal for 2012 will be $3000
If I decide I'm at a good place to be able to add to my list I will.  For now, I think its a great starting point and I think I can meet all my goals above by the end of 2012.  Wish me luck!


laura @ nomorespending said...

Hi Q&A Debt! Thank you for following and linking to my blog.
Good luck with your goals for 2012, can't wait to see your progress.

Jolie said...

Just having them written down makes them much more real. It will feel great to get those credit cards paid off!

QandADebt said...

Thanks so much Laura and Jolie. I absolutely love reading both your blogs!