Sunday, January 8, 2012

100 bucks gone!

Took my clan for a drive yesterday afternoon.  I think we were caught up in the beauty of the day that we decided spur of the moment to board the above battleship museum and there went 100 bucks! Did I mention we only had about an hour to look around before they closed.  Luckily, we were told we could come again on another day and admission would be FREE!  Glad it kind of worked out but it was very foolish to spend that kind of cash without even using a coupon on admission!  A big positive was the kids had a blast and we get to go back next weekend.  Lesson learned...always plan ahead.


Michelle P said...

Wow that's expensive! But sounds like a good time.

QandADebt said...

It was so much fun but I don't think we'll do anything like that for a looong time.