Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I love Christmas...dislike Christmas shopping

So only 8 days left to Christmas shop and I am sooooo NOT happy about it.  I have an insanely huge family and we buy a gift for everyone.  Now I know everyone will say "Tell them you can't do it or make your own gifts" but frankly I can't do either.  Its the one time of year we can say we all are sacrificing for each other plus I'm terrible at making things...really terrible. Of course, finances as always are tight, I have been scouring sales and I have done pretty well.

I had been reading on a few blogs about the sealed pot challenge which entails sealing a container and saving money until next December.  Did it and hope I don't break down and tear the containers open before March!  As you can see my containers are rather crude and small but I figure I'll keep my goals small and see how long it takes to fill them. 

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