Sunday, December 25, 2011

Debt, Christmas and traditional family squabbles :/

Yesterday, was going swimmingly.  I did some last minute shopping and found some great deals at Kohl's, Justice and CVS.  My husband roasted a turkey and it came out great. Thankfully, I did not need to charge any more gifts on credit. I wasn't feeling well but looking forward to a nice evening with the family at my parent's home.  It went well for a while and I was actually having a good time and laughing.  Unfortunately, conflicts arose and Christmas Eve just went downhill from there.  Needless to say we decided to stay at home today and avoid any more drama.  It doesn't help that everyone seemed to have financial issues and other personal issues. Money never solves problems but I wonder if others were at least addressing their financial issues if then they would be happier with their lives. All I can do is continue moving forward to make a better life for my family.

Our Christmas Day went well.  We opened gifts, enjoyed just being around each other and ventured out to McDonald's for dinner (not ideal but nothing else is ever open).  I hope this coming week brings us all clarity on what our goals will be for the New Year.

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